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Grace vs. Boasting

Grace is greater than boasting. Grace supercedes boasting.  “For it is by grace we are saved by faith that no man may boast.”  Ephesians 3 Boasting is an egregious error.   Humiliation is equally egregious.  We are neither great nor small.  Rather, we are nothing except for the grace of God which declares we are […]

Trauma Trap

Have you experienced adversity or hardship that caused  you to feel stuck?  It felt as if others did not understand the magnitude of what you were going through.  They diminished it and told you to “get over it”.  But the wound was a deep gash, not a superficial grazing of your heart.  Superficial solutions will […]

A.J. Seymour

A.J. Seymour is a Psychologist and Theologian who believes well-being is found at the intersection of psychology and spirituality and that one cannot know personal happiness and fulfillment without having a relationship with our loving God. A.J. Seymour completed PhD studies in Positive Neuropsychology and earned a Masters of Theology in Evangelism and Discipleship.  A.J. […]