A.J. Seymour

A.J. Seymour is a Psychologist and Theologian who believes well-being is found at the intersection of psychology and spirituality and that one cannot know personal happiness and fulfillment without having a relationship with our loving God. A.J. Seymour completed PhD studies in Positive Neuropsychology and earned a Masters of Theology in Evangelism and Discipleship. 

A.J. Seymour coined the term Deeper Positivity and has made significant contributions to the field of Psychology through contributing Deeper Positivity and the Live Inspired approach to attaining fullness of life.

A.J. Seymour’s works are insightful, informative and inspiring. AJ believes we are created to live and enjoy the fullness of life in all its purity and goodness.  Learn more about the writings of A.J. Seymour at AJSeymour.com. 

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