Trauma Trap

Have you experienced adversity or hardship that caused  you to feel stuck?  It felt as if others did not understand the magnitude of what you were going through.  They diminished it and told you to “get over it”.  But the wound was a deep gash, not a superficial grazing of your heart.  Superficial solutions will not heal it.  You need deeper healing.

Even as you pursue healing, it’s as if you left the moment but the moment never left you.  It’s still inside – and it feels like it happened yesterday.

This can happen when a person causes you harm and then goes on with their life as if nothing happened.  They say you are overreacting.  They tell you to get on with your life.  Yet they set a trap for you – and you know and they know you are ensnared in it.  It’s a Trauma Trap.  

They, being the cruel and menacing person they are, secretly delight in hurting you.  Causing you hurt and pain gives them pleasure.  They are truly sick.  But they tell you it’s your fault and your problem – not theirs.

Their blame and denial cause you to stay in the trauma trap.  

Well, it’s time.

It’s time to break free from the trauma trap they set for you.

It’s time to declare that you are made for more.

It’s time to be free.  

But you will be tempted to prove to them that they were wrong about you.  Don’t waste your time or precious energy..  They really don’t care about you. They just want to torment you.  This is what abusers, narcissists, and other toxic, harmful people do.

Be free.  Live free and prosper.  Pursue deeper peace, love and joy.  Don’t let them steal your joy or pollute your love.  You were not made to be in the bondage of a toxic person.  You were made to be free.

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