The Seriousness of Lostness

I was thinking today about someone who did me wrong. They are a person who pretends to be kind, joyful and good. But underneath in their motives, their heart, their mind and spirit they are the opposite.    

They try to keep it hidden from others and think that they’re fooling others. But overtime people begin to see who they are. The person that I am thinking of is someone who caused serious problems in my life.     He committed a wrong against me.   When I didn’t want to be with that person anymore, he sought vindiction and retribution against me. To this day he continues to do so.

I found myself thinking about his lostness and how it harms me.     But then I thought about some thing that is a more profound and prevailing and concerning truth: his lostness brings undeserved punishment and cruelty into my life. But his lostness is more serious than the damage that it causes.

Think about that for a moment: people who are lost, vindictive and cruel act out of a heart of malice and at times even disguised rage.    The impact of their cruelty and malice the person they inflicted upon is significant, serious and severe.

But how much greater is the darkness they will face because of their lostness?  How much greater is the punishment they will face for their hate and malice?  

If they would turn their hearts toward God and the all-consuming love of Jesus Christ, if they would repent and choose life, how things would change. How they would change.     How the suffering they inflict on their victims would change.

So the question is will they repent? Only God and they know the answer to this question.

As my enemy continues his malice toward me without any remorse or a pennant sensitivity, I am reminded that even greater than the harm he is doing to me is the harm that will come upon him because of the darkness he is choosing – unless he repents and chooses to live in the light, to love in the light, and to be about the things of the light.

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